Brilliant. Bold. Bright.

It started on a May Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. The Bright Pink leadership team had gathered with GCIC and another consulting firm, Sew Creative, to crystallize the future of this breast and ovarian health organization for young women. After 6+ years of growth, from its beginnings as a 2007 web site to (now) a… Read more »

World Changing Work

There are times when a series of events casts everything–past, present, future, into a kind of bas-relief. An artist creates relief by ‘chiseling away the background’ of his or her medium–stone, metal, clay–until a raised figure emerges from the work. The word ‘relief’ itself is from the Latin ‘to raise.’ Relief can occur in varying… Read more »

Case for Support: No Spin Required

If I’m honest, I’ve put some fairly elaborate spin out into the world. I’ve written grants that created the programs for which they begged support; a Case for Support for an organization trying to sell change without actually having to change a thing; and perhaps worst of all, I’ve turned some pretty feeble outcomes into… Read more »

With honesty & earnestness.

My favorite instructor in graduate school for writing was Dan Beachy-Quick.  We’d meet weekly at the Cosi on Michigan and he’d lean into my poetry, shaping each line into a more precise, more perfect expression of the heart (or in many cases heartbreak) I meant to convey.  I never met a man more earnest, nor… Read more »

Why this: Why now.

In June I dove off a certain fiscal cliff of my own, leaving a full time job after almost 15 years in Chicago non-profits.  The choice has come with sacrifice: downsizing from our house to a condo (with two small kids and no laundry—which is its own kind of adventure…) and piecing together family health… Read more »